Rachel Baas, theatre '03
Youth Outreach Coordinator for Theatre for Young Audiences in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and operator of her own theatre program, Dare to Dream

I was originally going to go to a different college, but on a trip to visit my brother at WLC, I fell in love with the theatre facilities and the welcoming atmosphere. It felt like home the moment I walked into the Center for Arts and Performance, and I knew that was where I was supposed to go.

Rachel Baas PhotoWhen I was in high school, I was one of the students who didn't really feel like I belonged anywhere. Then I got cast in "The Magician's Nephew" my freshman year. From that point on I couldn't get enough. I wanted to learn all I could about theatre so that I could share it with others. If theatre could make that much of a difference in my life, it must be able to help others, too.

I worked as the theatre department assistant at WLC and learned a lot about how a theatre is managed. I also took as many theatre classes as I could which helped me become a well rounded actor. Furthermore, the theatre faculty was supportive and encouraging, giving constructive criticism so that I never stopped moving forward.

Theatre is not only about acting and being on stage. At WLC, you learn to appreciate theatre more if you dedicate yourself to doing whatever it takes to be involved onstage and off. The best actors are the ones who understand and appreciate the role of the technicians first hand.

I am the youth outreach coordinator for Theater for Young Audiences in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and run my own theatre program called Dare to Dream. I teach theatre classes and workshops through Dare to Dream and work with theatre in the community through TYA. I spend my evenings rehearsing for shows in Manitowoc, Milwaukee or Sheboygan.

Photo: Rachel Baas (left) performs the role of Mary Warren in "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller.