Brandon Thomsen, theatre '04
Director of student theatre and head of education for Quincy Community Theatre in Quincy, Illinois

Brandon Thomsen PhotoI chose WLC because I was looking for a smaller, Christian school with a theatre department. I auditioned for a WLC theatre scholarship, which is where I met Professor Jan Nelson, director of theatre. She was very kind, helpful and professional. WLC offered many kinds of financial aid and scholarships; therefore, I was able to attend this beautiful school.

I knew since the first grade that I wanted a career in theatre. WLC's program is small, but mighty. It could give me the attention that I knew I needed. The professors are top-notch, and the skills that you learn in theatre are applicable to so many other careers - not just performing on a stage.

At WLC, you are strongly encouraged to get involved with any and all shows. If there is not opportunity to work on stage, you can work behind the stage. This is a wonderful way to learn more of the ins and outs of theatre.

I graduated from WLC with confidence. The knowledge I gained was positive and practical. The theatre courses touch on many aspects that are applicable to different branches of theatre - and of life.

For several years, I toured the country performing and directing for various theatre companies. Now I am the director of student theatre and head of education for the Quincy Community Theatre in Quincy, Illinois. I direct shows and teach students the art of theatre.

Such care is given to create intelligent and sophisticated members of the theatre world. You will not be disappointed. In the "real world," the name of the school does not matter; it is what is learned at that school that matters. At WLC, I learned my craft with integrity.

Photo: Brandon Thomsen as Mr. Paravacini in Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" at WLC.