Rachael Lau takes first steps to transform her theatre degree into an acting career in film

Rachael Lau PhotoDetermined and talented, Rachael Lau, '06, is working toward her dream career. A theater major with an emphasis on performance, Lau has a vision for her future: she wants to act.

The acting bug bit Lau in high school, and at WLC she was cast in several shows. When she sought an internship, however, her talents took her elsewhere - to Arlene Wilson Management, a talent agency. The opportunity allowed her to see the business side of acting, and she learned a great deal about what is most effective for auditions, head shots and resumes. The talent agency also gave her the opportunity to participate in auditions that fit her description; one of which landed her a role of "Amanda" in the 2006 movie "The Guardians," directed by Drew Maxwell and produced by Shoreline Entertainment. "I learned the differences between acting in movies and theater and what's expected in both," says Lau.

Lau hopes to take her acting further after graduation and would love the chance to perform with a large theater company. "This is my dream," she says. "I'm actually trying to make a living as an actor, not an acting teacher or coach. Whatever opportunity comes my way, I am definitely ready to grab it."