Mary Duncan grows in her own faith and learns about the faith of others

Mary Duncan, ’08, decided to minor in theology because she wanted to grow in her faith and be able to explain God’s love to others. Mary especially enjoys studying Paul because so much of his writings apply to life.

Mary also had the opportunity to learn about other faiths and denominations as well. WLC offers classes that survey religion in America and the world, something Mary believes to be of great benefit. 

“Because of my Religion in America course, I attended two churches with very different beliefs than what I was used to,” says Duncan. “It was beneficial for me to see what others believe, why they believe those things, and how they show their beliefs in worship.”

She was also able to share her own faith through the Travel Canvass Witness (TCW) program – a joint effort between WLC and the WELS Kingdom Workers – where students have the opportunity to travel throughout the United States as well as internationally to canvass door to door or teach Vacation Bible School. 

“It was a great experience. It was fun to witness, travel, teach and hang out with other students from WLC.”