Psychology Course Offering Schedule

NOTE: Course offerings are subject to change without notice due to issues such as staffing, curriculum changes, and course enrollment numbers.

Course Identification and Rotation

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (every semester)
PSY 120 Human Growth and Development (every semester)
PSY 130 Psychology of Health and Adjustment (every J Term)
PSY 191 Special Topics in Music Therapy (offered fall of odd-numbered years)

PSY 210 Psychological Research Methods (every semester)
PSY 230 Child Abnormal (every fall)
PSY 240 Sport Psychology (every fall)
PSY 250 Intro to Learning and Memory (every semester)
PSY 260 Personality Theories (every semester)
PSY 285 Physiological Psychology on-line (every semester)

PSY 300 Abnormal Psychology (every spring)
PSY 310 Psychological Counseling (every fall)
PSY 321 Child Development (offerered spring of even-numbered years)
PSY 324 Adult Development (offered spring of odd-numbered years)
PSY 340 Applied Behavior Analysis (offered intermittently)
PSY 350 Memory and Cognition (offered spring of odd-numbered years)
PSY 375 Drugs & Society (every fall)
PSY 390 Social Psychology (every fall)
PSY 395 History and Systems (every semester)

PSY 411 Experimental Psychology (every semester)
PSY 430 Adolescent Development (offered spring of odd-numbered years)
PSY 470 Psychological Testing (every spring)
PSY 490 Internship (every semester)