Sarah (Bauer) Reik
Psychology '98
WLC Professor and counselor with Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Service

I went to high school at Kettle Moraine Lutheran in Jackson, Wis. I knew I wanted to go to a Christian college, but didn't really know which one. I went on a tour of Wisconsin Lutheran College during my senior year of high school and decided to attend.

I knew going into college that I wanted to be a psychology student. My dad is a pastor, and he counsels people as part of his ministry. I thought that counseling was the coolest part of his job. Also, when I was a junior in high school, the Jeffrey Dahmer case started to make headlines, and I became interested in criminal psychology.

I really think that the Christian perspective a student gets at WLC is very valuable given the fact that psychology is a very secular field. If you want to do psychology according to God's will, you have to be trained, and WLC is able to give a student that kind of training. It gives them the opportunity to look at psychology through a Christian filter.

Graduate school was my first opportunity to use this Christian filter in practice. Because I was in the minority as a Christian, I had to be really strong in my beliefs in order to be heard. The Christian counseling classes at WLC really helped me to keep my footing.

When I graduated from WLC, I went on to get my master's degree in Counseling Psychology at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Now, I teach Personality Theories and Perspectives in Christian Counseling at WLC. I'm also counseling at Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Service in West Bend. I see between 15 and 20 clients per week dealing in marriage, family and individual counseling.