Ashley Schowalter gets a glimpse into the life of adolescent girls

Ashley Schowalter, psychology '06, attended a conference at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, April 22-23, 2004.  This conference allowed her to be surrounded by other professionals from a variety of fields including psychology. Being surrounded by these professionals allowed her to sit back and listen to the interactive discussion and imagine her own career in years to come.

Although the specific topic addressed at the conference, "All the Rage: Adolescent girls in crisis," is not an aspect of psychology Ashley would like to advance in, she says, "It gave me a glimpse into the minds of adolescent girls and taught me how important it is for adults to be as supportive as they can be when children are this age."

Since she returned, Ashley has felt a need to reach out to this age group.  She currently has an internship with Dodge County leading a 4-H group, ages 7-13.  As a role model for these children, she encourages them to reach out and serve the community.