Psychology Catalog Description

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The WLC psychology program recognizes the importance of advancing undergraduate psychology as a science in light of God's Word and prepares students for life-long learning, mature thinking and God-pleasing service. Ultimately, psychology as a liberal arts science is designed to develop student thinking and the skills necessary for life-long learning.

Specifically, the psychology discipline allows the student to develop the pre-professional skills that enable him or her to learn independently and participate in psychological discourse. This objective is accomplished by providing an academic environment for learning in the following three areas:

  1. Learn about the vocabulary, concepts, and theories that define the field of psychology.
  2. Practice and apply the critical thinking and research skills used to acquire information in the field.
  3. Increase one's awareness of self and others.

The Wisconsin Lutheran psychology discipline's guiding purpose is to promote, integrate and model the science and practice of psychology in light of God's inerrant Word. The discipline is designed to prepare the student for lifelong learning, mature thinking, and God-pleasing service. A liberal arts degree in psychology prepares students to enter the work force or continue on to graduate school.

The psychology discipline provides:

  • a Christ-centered approach to the description, explanation, prediction, and influence of human thought and behavior which provides a foundation God's Truth;
  • hands on application and practice that assists in the mastery of a broad knowledge base, relevant  research skills, realization of inter- and intra-personal awareness through reflection of psychological theory and research that allows the student to discern between theoretical assumptions, inferences, and observations, and God's Truth;
  • a small professor-to-student ratio allowing both students and faculty to realize the uniqueness of each student’s gifts, potentials, and plans, and the development of in-depth, individual research projects;
  • a variety of course offerings representing the broad field of psychology and allowing for a focus in research, counseling, and developmental psychology areas;
  • a flexible and supportive academic environment recognizing individual differences in gifts, learning styles, and career plans;

The Wisconsin Lutheran psychology discipline's goal is to provide those opportunities that allow students to think in a mature manner. Students integrate psychology theory, research, and content, apply research skills to answer psychological questions, and learn more about themselves, others, and their Savior.