Choose the WLC psychology program.

Learn from professors who integrate God's Word into the understanding of psychological theories and concepts. Work independently while being supported by caring faculty. Conduct your own research project and apply what you learn. Volunteer in the community and help others. Travel to conferences and conventions and learn from other experts in the field.

If you want to make your college education a fulfilling experience, choose the WLC psychology program.

psychology collage

Develop skills necessary for life-long learning.

Ultimately, psychology at WLC is designed to develop thinking and skills to enable students to become life-long learners. Each course promotes the ability to think scientifically about behavior and mental processes and to judge psychological fact on the basis of validity and reliability of the evidence in accordance with God's truth.

Connect with the community through service learning opportunities.

The psychology program reflects the broad range of learning opportunities and experiences available to our students. We offer service opportunities in the community, internships that represent a range of careers and teaching opportunities that develop leadership skills.

Apply critical thinking to your interactions with others.

In psychology, student learning incorporates multi-sensory experiences designed to assist you in applying knowledge, critical and creative thinking and interpersonal awareness. Students are encouraged to take what they learn beyond the classroom and into their day-to-day interactions with others.

Research poster presentations

Below is a slideshow of photos from academic research poster presentations (held each semester for students in psychology, education, communication, and sport & exercise science classes).