Physics for Secondary Education Majors

In order for education majors at the college to earn a license to teach physics, the physics program must meet certain content guidelines, which are articulated in the Department of Public Instruction's Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Science (p. 152). The following list indicates which physics courses meet each of the stated content areas. Only required courses for the physics major are included in this list.

Position and motion of objects: PHY 101, 201, 301

Light, heat electricity and magnetism: PHY 202, 302, 303

Properties and changes of properties of matter: PHY 303, 304, 401, 402

Motions and forces: PHY 101, 201, 301

Transfer of energy: PHY 202, 301, 303

Conservation of energy and increase in disorder: PHY 202, 301, 303

Interaction of matter and energy: PHY 202, 302, 303, 304