Natural Philosophy Concentration

Aristotle, Copernicus, Pascal, Newton and Heisenberg: all of these individuals wove together scientific investigation and philosophical argumentation.  From ancient times until the modern era, science and philosophy were pursued together under the name of "natural philosophy." Only in the modern era has there arisen a sharp boundary separating the two. Why is this?

The natural philosophy concentration at Wisconsin Lutheran College is based on the recognition that the disciplines of physics and philosophy are mutually validating, and that they are both concerned with the nature of truth.  The best thinkers are those who are both scientifically and philosophically adept.

Course Requirements

The natural philosophy program at Wisconsin Lutheran College consists of a major in philosophy and a minor in physics. The major in philosophy consists of 33 credits: 12 core credits and 21 elective credits. The minor in physics consists of 22 credits: 16 core credits and 6 elective credits.

In addition to the 55 credits required for the natural philosophy program, all students at Wisconsin Lutheran College are required to take a number of general degree requirements. These courses are designed to provide the student with a comprehensive education in the liberal arts.

Career Opportunities

The natural philosophy program is designed to instill in the student the ability to think in a creative and disciplined manner; these intellectual virtues serve to prepare the student for a wide variety of careers:

  • law or government
  • business or management
  • science or medicine
  • education or academia