Hannah Schmiege

Junior Hannah Schmiege was looking for something academically challenging.  Thanks to a cancelled class and a phone call from the registrar, Hannah found herself enrolled in Philosophy 201: Apologetics.  Hannah recalls, “I didn’t really know what Philosophy was, but it sounded fairly challenging.”

Hannah was hooked after the first week.  She found a mentor in Dr. Schulz.  “I remember asking what were probably very silly questions, but he answered them all honestly and with respect, as he would any colleague.” Upon finding her interest in philosophy as well as an unsuspected interest in English, she decided to double major in the two.

This past semester, the LGBT activist group Soul Force visited campus.  Hannah had the opportunity to talk with members of this group and says, “I felt that WLC had prepared me to share intellectual arguments against homosexuality.”

In Hannah’s last year at WLC, she will serve as Editor-in-Chief of the Sword (school newspaper), work as a resident assistant and visit the Island of Grenada as a senior leader on a humanitarian aid trip. She concludes, “I have found that both Philosophy and English have expanded my mind and helped me to think with creativity and clarity.”