Jonathan Becker, Philosophy ‘06

I chose WLC for several reasons. One was because at the time I wanted to be a teacher, I liked the location, etc. But I was very interested in Philosophy and I was considering going to grad school in Philosophy. I had heard of Dr. Schulz from my brother who had gone to WLC six years before me. Even though at that point you could only receive a minor in Philosophy, I felt that the benefits of receiving philosophical training from a Lutheran perspective would be extremely helpful to me as I would try to go on as a Lutheran thinker.

As Dr. Schulz could tell you I'm extremely concerned with issues of ethics and how we live our lives. To me Philosophy is not just an abstract field we you learn about isolated ideas, I apply Philosophy every day as I work to figure out how to best live as a Christian. I see a direct link between what I learn in the classroom and how I live. It is because I place such value in ethical concerns that I majored in Philosophy.

I am currently at UW-Madison's law school, and will graduate in Dec. 08' with my J.D. I plan on going into public service, most likely as a criminal prosecutor. I will be making arguments as part of my job, and majoring in Philosophy helped me to gain a better understanding of how to make rational arguments and counter points to my opponents. As a lawyer, I will be making arguments for and against ideas that have practical impact on peoples’ lives, and studying Philosophy helped me understand the consequences of certain ideas.

WLC's philosophy program helped me to develop skills at dealing with issues and problems as a Christian thinker, and taught me to think clearly and deeply about issues outside of the field of philosophy, what questions to ask, when to be skeptical, and how to become a versatile individual intellectually.