Stephanie Schuster

Coming into WLC Stephanie Schuster had no idea what Philosophy was. She was introduced to it in an Apologetics class she opted to take to fulfill a general degree requirement. This class focuses on giving a defense for the Christian faith. She enjoyed the structure, content, and dynamic of the class and began taking more and more classes. Topics range from general questions about life to asking if God exists.

When Philosophy became a major in Fall 2005, Stephanie decided to pick up a few more credits, making her a double major in English and Philosophy. Being one of only 2 Philosophy majors graduating this spring, she enjoys taking part in her capstone class. This individual attention, not only in this class, but the upper level classes as well being 8-15 students, allows for easier discussions. Stephanie said, “Everyone can talk and be more comfortable with the people. Prof. Schulz values all questions and is very knowledgeable. If he doesn’t know the answer to your question, he will research it for the next class.”

Stephanie enjoys philosophy that deals with modern times. As her senior thesis, she chose to read and analyze Albert Camus, The Myth of Sysphus. Dealing with the ethics of suicide, she says, “Suicide is part of the world we live in. Everyone is affected by it. It should be talked about.” She has also focused on existentialism, a movement in the 30s – 50s in which people thought there was no meaning in life. Stephanie sums it up as, “Philosophy deals with life’s questions. It provides a good basis to think about them and better equips us to deal with the world outside of Christian circles.”