Alexander Liepins

At the beginning of his sophomore year, Alexander Liepins found himself not knowing what he wanted to do. He tried math, history and political science, but none seemed to be the right fit. So, someone suggested he take a philosophy course. By the end of that year, he had taken two courses and was not ready to give it up. He said, “I couldn’t miss an opportunity to study something I enjoy from someone I highly respect. Dr. Schulz has become more influential as I begin to look ahead and plan accordingly.”

Philosophy classes consist of lecture and discussion. With small class sizes, discussion is more likely to involve everyone and questions can really get answered. He declared, “Philosophy has allowed me to become engaged in a wide range of topics.”

Being a major recently added to the curriculum, Alexander commented, “The program is doing nothing but blooming. There are a wide variety of classes offered applying to many fields and interests.” He especially enjoyed Contemporary Philosophy, a class which covered feminist philosophy, American pragmatism, phenomenology and more. It is thanks to a recommendation and the guidance of Dr. Schulz that has led Alexander toward the path of graduate school. He commented, “This class (Contemporary Philosophy) helped me zero in on what I really wanted to spend more time on as I get closer to graduate studies.”