Introduction to Coaching

"As a member of the Body of Christ, all serve and are served, all teach and all learn." This statement from Wisconsin Lutheran College's philosophy underscores the value of a coaching minor to our students. A coaching minor equips students to serve and teach in the highly participatory area of athletics, a major arena for Christian witness opportunities.

Coaches, because of the nature of their position, are in a favorable setting to teach concepts which lead to effective living. Healthy competition, teamwork, goal setting, dealing with victory and defeat, and "walking one's talk" are only a few of the life skills coaches can help to develop in the young athlete. Wisconsin Lutheran College will work with coaches not only in teaching them skills and techniques of leadership, but also by equipping them to lead young athletes with Christian principles found in God's word.

The physical education department offers a variety of electives and applied fitness performance courses which fulfill the physical well-being general degree requirement. Students must complete 1 credit in applied fitness performance course. This may be satisfied with two .5 credit courses or one 1 credit course. PED 101 through 155 are offered for either one semester or one-half semester (quarters). Students must register at the beginning of a semester for courses offered during either quarter of the semester.