Christina (Rindt) Kuenzi sings the National Anthem for the Milwaukee Brewers

Christina (Rindt) Kuenzi, '06 music education, has had many opportunities to sing the National Anthem for events.  She performed at the New Berlin Soap Box Derby and the 4th of July Fireworks in New Berlin, both which continue to ask her year after year. Then in 2002, she performed for her largest audience: more than 23,000 people at a Brewer's game.

To enter for a chance to sing for the Brewers, Kuenzi professionally recorded a demo on CD using WLC's own recording studio with staff member, Rich Bakken. Kuenzi explains, "I tried for the Brewer's because it seemed like a stepping stone in my vocal career." When she received the congratulatory phone call from Miller Park's manager of events, she was excited and in a state of disbelief. When preparing, she was able to rehearse at Miller Park while some of the Brewer's were warming up and was even complimented by one of the pitchers at the time, Ray King. Kuenzi reminisced, "It was a neat experience to hear my voice echoing back to me seconds after my first note." The crowd broke out into applause before she hit the last few notes, giving her a great sense of pride. Even more rewarding, several fans complimented her throughout the game.

Kuenzi was also given the opportunity to sing at NATS, the National Association of Teachers of Singing, through referral by Professor Carolyn Fons. She auditioned and eventually competed against other Wisconsin residents in her age group. With encouragement from Professor Fons, she worked on filling the requirements: singing in a variety of languages, art songs and an Aria or oratio and filling a 10 minute audition slot. "Being exposed to other talented singers and repertoires as well as advice from the panel of judges has been important to my development as a singer," she says. "I remember that my audience simply wants to be entertained by my voice, and I do everything in my power to inspire them."