Careers in Mathematics

Majoring in mathematics can serve as preparation for diverse career opportunities. The following links will direct you to the career pages of major professional organizations.

SIAM Career Information
Careers in applied mathematics and the computational sciences. Includes discussions of the industrial environment, what employers expect, preparing for industrial employment, and personal profiles.

MAA Career Profiles
People talking about their jobs. These short essays describe a wide variety of careers in which a mathematical background is useful.

Mathematical Sciences Career Information
Nonacademic employment opportunities, career profiles, and mathematics applications index (how math is being used in industry and government). Summary of demographic, educational and employment characteristics of recent bachelor's and master's degree recipients working in nonacademic positions. Career planning resources. Sponsored jointly by AMS-MAA-SIAM.

Statistics and the Statistics Profession
What is statistics? What statisticians do, professional development, careers in statistics. Sponsored by the American Statistical Association.

What is operations research/management science? Career profiles, and much more. Sponsored by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

Be an Actuary!
Mathematics in the insurance industry. High salaries, professional prestige, and high quality work environment are just some of the reasons actuarial science has been named the best job in America by Jobs Rated Almanac. You may also want to visit the website for the Society of Actuaries.

Careers in Science and Engineering
A student planning guide to graduate school and beyond. Career goals, meeting your career goals, survival skills and personal attributes you need to succeed, educational requirements, choosing the right job. Sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences, USA.

Mathematics Teaching Professions