Wisconsin Lutheran College Media Resource:
Faculty Experts Guide

The Faculty Experts Guide highlights the academic specialties of the Wisconsin Lutheran College faculty. People included in the guide may be available for speaking engagements or interviews. For more information, please contact the Office of Marketing & Communication at 414.443.8944.



Bioarchaeology: Dr. Ned Farley

Forensic Anthropology: Dr. Ned Farley

Irish Diaspora-American Midwest: Dr. Ned Farley 


Artist in Residence participation: Prof. Kristin Gjerdset

Book publishing: Prof. Paul Burmeister

Christianity and art: Prof. James Matson

Drawing workshops for children: Prof. Kristin Gjerdset

Graphic design and typography: Prof. Paul Burmeister, Prof. Chad Lindemann

Murals: Prof. Kristin Gjerdset

Science and art: Prof. James Matson

Sculpture: Prof. James Matson

Technology and art: Prof. Paul Burmeister


Cellular and developmental biology: Dr. Robert Balza

Genetic engineering of bacterial strains: Dr. Jarrod Erbe

Microbial biosensors & environmental contaminants: Dr. Jarrod Erbe

Microbiology/molecular biology: Dr. Jarrod Erbe

Molecular genetics: Dr. Robert Balza

Wildlife biology: Dr. Robert Anderson


Mass spectrometry of biomolecules: Dr. Daniel Ebeling

Organic synthesis of amino acid derivatives: Dr. Kevin Glaeske

Organic synthesis of sulfonamide anti-bacterials: Dr. Kevin Glaeske

Phosphate in agriculture and the environment: Dr. Daniel Ebeling

Soil and water analysis development: Dr. Daniel Ebeling


Business ethics in former Soviet countries: Prof. Deborrah Uecker

Family communication: Prof. Mary Heins 

Gender and communication: Prof. Mary Heins

Law and communication: Prof. Amanda Retberg 

Media effects on children and families: Dr. Jerralyn Moudry

Mediation: Prof. Amanda Retberg 

Television / broadcast effects: Dr. Jerralyn Moudry


Automatic speech recognition: Dr. David Schulz

Computer languages: Dr. David Schulz

Computational linguistics, natural language processing: Dr. David Schulz

Object-oriented design, software development: Dr. David Schulz


Assessment: Dr. Joyce S. Natzke

Brain-Based Learning: Dr. Rhoda Wolle 

Integrated curriculum: Dr. David Brightsman 

International service learning: Dr. Sharon Burow 

Learning styles: Dr. Joyce S. Natzke 

Literacy: Dr. David Brightsman

Urban education: Dr. David Brightsman

Wisconsin State Licensure/Certification: Dr. Joyce S. Natzke


Digital tools and the writing process: Dr. Martin Moldenhauer

Elizabeth Gaskell Studies: Dr. Rebecca Parker Fedewa 

Victorian literature: Dr. Rebecca Parker Fedewa


Biosolids phosphorus availability: Dr. Angela Ebeling

Christian's role in protecting the environment: Dr. Robert Anderson

Fisheries: Dr. Robert Anderson 

Global climate: Dr. Kevin Glaeske

Lake management: Dr. Robert Anderson 

Phosphorus management: Dr. Angela Ebeling

Rain Garden/Composting: Dr. Angela Ebeling 

Soil fertility: Dr. Angela Ebeling


German language and literature: Prof. Sibylle Krause


American Civil War: Dr. Paul Beck

American Revolution/18th Century British Empire: Dr. Aaron Palmer 

Colonial South Carolina: Dr. Aaron Palmer 

Crime and punishment in early America: Dr. Aaron Palmer

Imperial/Nazi Germany: Dr. Aaron Palmer

Native American studies: Dr. Paul Beck

Military history: Dr. Paul Beck


Cryptography: Dr. Kristi Meyer

Mathematical design in God's creation: Dr. Ronald Buelow 

Real and complex analysis: Dr. Mel Friske

Universal algebra: Dr. Kristi Meyer 


Computers and synthesizers: Dr. William Braun

Harpsichord performance: Dr. Juanita Becker 

Hymns of Martin Luther: Dr. William Braun 

Jazz performance: Prof. Terry Treuden

Musical Instrumental Digital Interface (MIDI): Dr. William Braun 

Technology and music: Dr. William Braun


Nursing in resource-poor countries: Dr. Rebekah Carey

Granville Neighborhood Health Center (free clinic): Dr. Rebekah Carey


Low temperature physics: Dr. Kerry Kuehn

Pattern formation in nature: Dr. Kerry Kuehn 


Crisis counseling: Dr. Leanne Olson

Dyslexia: Dr. Leanne Olson 

Mental health: Dr. Wendy Close

Sexual abuse and trauma: Dr. Leanne Olson 

Stress management: Dr. Leanne Olson


Spanish language and literature: Dr. Mary Jo Brown


Christianity and theatre arts: Prof. Jay Sierszyn

Milwaukee theatre history: Prof. Jay Sierszyn 

Russian theatre: Prof. Jay Sierszyn

Venues and production facilities: Prof. Jay Sierszyn


American Lutheranism: Dr. Mark Braun

Biblical archaeology: Dr. Joel Pless 

Christian mysticism: Dr. Paul Lehninger 

Lutheran confessions: Dr. Paul Lehninger 

Luther, Martin: Dr. Mark Braun, Dr. Charles Cortright

Medieval theology and the sacraments: Dr. Charles Cortright

New Testament Greek: Dr. Joel Pless 

Pauline epistles: Dr. Charles Cortright

Reformation history: Dr. Charles Cortright