Human Social Services Course Descriptions

HHS 300 Human Social Services. 3 cr.
This course provides an overview of the history, theoretical perspectives and concepts related to the network of programs providing service to millions of Americans struggling with illness, disability and economic dependence. Throughout the course, students will be introduced to careers in human services, theories of counseling, social welfare policy and current controversies and issues within the field. Students are required to interview and evaluate mission and policies of local public and private agencies. Offered every semester. Prereq: PSY 210. 

HHS 400 Advanced Human Social Services. 3 cr.
This advanced course in human services professionalizes the many skills introduced throughout the program. Specifically the course addresses professional writing, the use of behavioral observations and documentation, counseling skills as well as case management and treatment planning. In addition, the course addresses legal and ethical issues encountered throughout the field of human services. Offered every semester. Prereq: HHS 300 and junior standing. 

HSS 493 Practicum in Human Social Services. 3-6 cr.
This represents a required 3 credit, 135 hour placement at single social services agency. Given most agencies require training specific to program, this practicum incorporates on the job training for students enhancing the skills introduced throughout the program. In addition, the course includes a 1 hour per week group seminar designed to discuss application of program goals in the context of students' learning experiences. Students will become familiar with the operations of a human services agency, including client/staff interaction and employee responsibilities. Students are encouraged to enroll in an additional 1 to 3 credits of practicum. Depending on specific needs, students may enroll in an additional 135 hour placement at a single site or serve at a variety of agencies for 45 hours per credit. All sites must provide students with professional supervision. Attendance at the weekly seminar remains a mandatory requirement for all practicum credits and serves to separate this course from other internships offered through Wisconsin Lutheran College. Offered every semester. Prereq: HHS 400 and junior standing.