Sheena (Pankey) Finnigan, history ’06, graduate student at the University of Chicago 

Unaware of WLC while I was in high school, I actually completed my first year of college at Kansas State University. I planned to become a veterinarian, but I soon realized that vet school was not the place for me, and I decided to pursue my other main academic interests – history and theology. My boyfriend at the time (now husband) was a student at WLC, and since I had recently become Lutheran, I decided to apply. As it turned out, it was a great choice.

I've always loved history, especially the really old stuff, and I had also become very interested in the establishment of the Christian church and the Roman world in which it developed. I decided that I should pursue my love of "old stuff" and learn more about my Christian heritage. History was a good fit.

Right now, I am working on completing my master’s degree in social sciences at the University of Chicago. The history program at WLC did a fantastic job of preparing me for graduate school. The courses are structured much like graduate history courses, and I was able to take on the course loads at U of C with minimal difficulty. Moreover, the program offered several courses in church history, ancient history and medieval history which gave me the general background I needed to prepare for a more focused graduate program. Most importantly, the professors (especially my advisor, Dr. Thompson) were willing to devote extra time and energy to helping me direct my course of study, prepare me for the long and hard process of applying to grad school and act as Christian mentors and examples for me and the other students at WLC.

If you have any interest in history, whether ancient or modern, the professors in the history department are willing and able to help you fulfill your academic goals. They are not only interested in your academic success, they desire to nurture Christian faith and prepare their students for life outside WLC.