The Dan and Lisa Leffel Award in History

The purpose of the Dan and Lisa Leffel Award is to support, acknowledge, encourage, and promote students who choose to enter the history field.

This scholarship will enable students, upon graduation, to use their God-given gifts to positively affect their churches, families, workplaces, and communities. By contributing to this scholarship, Dan and Lisa Leffel will have shared their values with future generations of young Christians. Dan and Lisa Leffel also have the knowledge that their lives are reflecting the values Wisconsin Lutheran College is looking to relate to its students.

Dan and Lisa Leffel have the joy in knowing their financial support is ensuring that those students described above will have the opportunity to attend Wisconsin Lutheran College and receive a strong Christ-based education. The Dan and Lisa Leffel Award in History will also serve to encourage others to support the mission of Wisconsin Lutheran College.

This renewable scholarship would be available to a student who:

  • is a history major,
  • has financial need,
  • has an overall GPA of 3.0 and a history GPA of 3.5 or is invited to apply by a member of the history faculty,
  • is a junior or senior student, and
  • shares an exemplary, written essay as decided by the history faculty.

For more information about the award, please contact Dr. Aaron Palmer, associate professor of history, at 414.443.8561.

Past Recipients

2012-2014 Tierney Gill
2014-2015 Timothy Patoka
2015-2016 Sarah Bublitz