Greek Course Descriptions

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GRE 101 Elementary Greek 1. 3 cr.
Vocabulary, grammatical forms, and syntax preparatory to initial readings in the Greek New Testament are studied.
GRE 102 Elementary Greek 2. 3 cr.
Continued study of basic Greek syntax together with readings from the general Epistles of John and selections from the Gospel of Mark. Prereq: GRE 101.
GRE 201 Intermediate Greek 1. 3 cr.
The reading of a major portion of the Gospel of John in its original language together with the grammatical and syntactical study of its literature.Prereq: GRE 102.
GRE 202 Intermediate Greek 2. 3 cr.
The reading and exegesis of selected portions of the book of Acts, 1 Corinthians, and Ephesians. Prereq: GRE 201.