Earth-Space Science Course Descriptions

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ESS 182 Environmental Science. 4 cr.
A study of natural resources and basic concepts of ecological biology. The physical and biological aspects of the earth's ecosystems will be studied in light of today's environmental problems. This course includes extensive field study in the Milwaukee area and makes use of environmental impact assessment as an application of concepts learned in the course. 3 lec., 2 hrs. lab.

ESS 300 Geomorphology 4 cr.
This course will focus on the study of earth surface processes in geological environments. Topics will include: weathering, erosion, nutrient cycles, sediment production, and landforms. Laboratory exercises will include topographic map interpretation and instruction in geographical information systems (GIS) with an emphasis on environmental applications. 3 lec. 3 hours lab; Prereq: ESS 182 or consent of instructor.

ESS 498 Undergraduate Research. 1-3 cr.
Students arrange for independent research with a faculty research advisor. Students are encouraged to repeat this course with their research advisor. However, no more than 3 credits may be applied toward the major. Work may be carried out off campus with permission of the advisor. Written report required. If 2 or more credits are received, an oral presentation is also required. Prereq: Consent of instructor.