Choose the WLC environmental studies program.

Environmental studies offers students a variety of scientific, social, economic and political perspectives on environmental issues. This course of study will provide the opportunity for students at Wisconsin Lutheran College to focus on the growing interfaces of biology, chemistry and earth science as applied to the environment.

The environmental studies major prepares students for graduate studies in environmentally related fields, law or the student's emphasis. Options for environmental studies majors include careers related to urban planning, government, natural resources, economics, regulation, ethics, law and management issues.

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Environmental Studies vs. Environmental Science

The environmental studies course requirements are comprised of 33 credits of interdisciplinary core courses and 12 more credits in a student's desired emphasis. The environmental studies major has a foundation in science, but it has fewer science course requirements than the environmental science major. The environmental studies major allows a student to combine this foundation with an emphasis in business administration, communication, history or philosophy.


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