Jesse Phillips, English ’02, civil-defense litigator in Sacramento, California

WLC first contacted me when I was a senior in high school.  Initially, I attended a local community college. I had intended to transfer to a state university after two years, but quickly became frustrated by the inattention I received from the university administrators. I also began to realize that at the state university, I would not have the same one-on-one contact with my professors that I had become accustomed to at the community college level. 
When I reinitiated contact with WLC, I found out that the same scholarship offers were still available, and everyone I spoke with in administration was courteous and quick to return my calls. I was also impressed with the variety of classes offered in my major. I decided to become an English major because I believed it would provide a good foundation for any future career choice I might make.     
At present, I’m a civil-defense litigator. The majority of the work I do as an attorney is written.  I’m constantly writing and opposing pre-trial motions, preparing written case analysis for my clients, and drafting and responding to written discovery requests   Aside from the frequent practice I received in my English classes at WLC, Dr. Fraser and Dr. Wiedmann persistently reminded me to write exactly what I meant and only what I meant.  That emphasis on always writing clearly and concisely has helped me immensely in my professional work.