Rachel Kolander takes her passion for outreach to Bangladesh

There are students who feel they are blessed by the Lord and want to give back to the community. One such student is Rachel Kolander, English and political science ’07. After graduation, Kolander plans to reach out to those in need right here in Milwaukee. 

She already has experience helping those stricken by poverty.  Recently, she spent eight weeks in Bangladesh with a team of 21 Americans and Bangladeshi ministries holding Bible studies and engaging in fellowship time with Bangladeshi college aged students. According to Kolander, the poverty in Bangladesh is intense and she spent much of her time in prayer for those who were living in those conditions.

“One of the most rewarding experiences was going to a Bible study for Bangladeshi women,” says Kolander. “They were extremely poor and had many difficulties in their lives – sickness, scarce jobs, flooding – but their praise for the Lord was genuine and joyful. I was humbled by their rich faith.”

While her trip to Bangladesh was definitely an experience she will never forget, Kolander is no stranger to service. She has participated in many service opportunities available to WLC students – Wandani (an urban youth outreach program), New Friends (a program that encourages students to befriend the disabled), tutoring at the Hope School (an inner-city choice school), and tutoring for ESL (teaching English to non-native speakers).

No matter what comes her way, Kolander feels that she is prepared. “The liberal arts education at WLC has laid a foundation of creative and critical thinking,” she explains. “There will be tasks I don’t want to do and things I wish I didn’t have to see, but I will learn more about the depths and heights of Christ’s love as I work alongside those who are ministering to the poor of Milwaukee.”