Admission to the School of Teacher Education

Students are encouraged to express an area of interest in the field of education upon application for admission to WLC. This helps in the advising process.

Initial Requirements as Evidence of Readiness for Admission

  • 30 credits completed including COM 101, ENG 101, EDU 201, EDU 210, EDU 221, and EDU 292.
  • Successful completion of Testing Requirements for Wisconsin Educator Licensing
  • Submission of the following documents in conjunction with above courses:
    • Initial teaching philosophy (in EDU 201)
    • Disclosure Questionnaire and current TB Test Verification (in EDU 221/292)
    • Clinical evaluations and written reflections (in EDU 292)
  • Three recorded evidences of ability to speak in front of an audience/class (at least one in education)
  • Three letters of recommendation - one from a former employer, one from a supervisor in an educational experience you had with children or young adults, and one from a former teacher (high school or other academic setting)
  • One page rationale for choosing teacher education – written in formal collegiate format

Stage 1 Portfolio

Along with the above evidence of readiness for admission to the School of Education, the applicant must compile and successfully present a themed Stage 1 Portfolio to an EDU professor. This portfolio includes the documentation of the required criteria above. It is to be organized around the 10 Standards for Teacher Development and Licensure. It also includes a research topic of interest and the rationale for choosing this topic. The instruction for building this portfolio comes from EDU 221 (initial requirement) and further help in building the portfolio is provided by the Future Teachers of Education Association (FTEA) on campus.

Further information regarding the admissions process and the entire School of Education program can be found in the Teacher Education Handbook.