Lifeline Assistance Program (LAP) for WLC Education Graduates

LAP Goals:

  1. Assist our EDU graduates in as many ways as we can to make their new teaching career a success.
  2. Satisfy the two major components of the "follow-up" aspect of the DPI requirements for continued teacher licensure (PI 34).
    1. Follow our EDU graduates and support them in the entry phase to the profession. We want to be a lifeline to them to support them in any way we can to make their work more successful and satisfying as they strive to be the "servant leader" they have been trained to be.
    2. Assist our EDU graduates in the various stages of their Professional Development Plan (PDP) as they seek further licensure beyond their initial license - help in planning their PDP; help with their portfolio organization and content; and participation as members of their PDP Review Team.
  3. Communicate with them and they with us in order to share with them what we are doing in the department and to reflect with them on education ideas.

The faculty and staff of the WLC EDU department want our graduates to know that we are here to support them professionally. To help us stay in touch, we need all the graduates of our program to keep us updated on their status as a teacher – where, grade level, subject matter, new addresses, new phone numbers and new email addresses whenever there is a change.

Please fill out the graduate information form (PDF) and email, fax, or mail it to Joyce S. Natzke.