Vogel coordinates Hurricane Katrina volunteer efforts

Jenny Vogel reading to a babyIn fall of 2005 following the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Jenny Vogel, education '07, coordinated 22 WLC student volunteers who worked at the Hurricane Katrina Childcare Center at Wisconsin State Fair Park Tommy G. Thompson Youth Center in Milwaukee. She acted as a liaison between the organization involved and the students.

"I was able to show the love of Christ by helping others," says Vogel. "We had a passion to serve and make a difference." Vogel and the students played games the children, brought music, did arts and crafts and read stories.

Given her hectic schedule, it was a huge commitment. "I helped out between seven and eight hours a week," Vogel explains. "That was on top of an internship, clinicals, a full-time course load and a part-time job." This schedule would make most of us cringe, but Vogel has a different story.

"It revitalized me," she says. "Sitting and playing with the children. Watching them laugh even though they had just gone through this tragedy. Knowing I was encouraging them. It made all the difference."