Education Catalog Description

The professional sequence in teacher education at Wisconsin Lutheran College is designed with attention to both the theoretical and practical dimensions of the teaching profession. Study about teaching is combined with actual observation, tutoring, teaching, and other clinical-laboratory experiences. Wisconsin Lutheran College has approval of its program in teacher education from the Department of Public Instruction, State of Wisconsin. Students who complete the professional teacher education requirements are eligible for licensure to teach in grades PK-6 (early childhood/elementary - developmental stages of early childhood through middle childhood), 1-9 (elementary/middle school - developmental stages of middle childhood through early adolescence), or 6-12 (middle and high school - developmental stages of early adolescence through adolescence). Some programs such as music or art offer licences grades PK-12 (early childhood through secondary developmental stages or early childhood through adolescence). Students should contact the director of teacher education for further information.

Any student may apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program at Wisconsin Lutheran upon completion of one year of full-time study or 32 credits as a part-time student at a 2.50 grade point average or higher. Students planning to enter the Teacher Education Program must submit supporting documents for approval by the teacher education department and the student's major and minor departments. Students must have passing scores on the Pre-Professional Skills Tests and a listening test as mandated by the Department of Public Instruction before they can be accepted into the Teacher Education Program. The exit GPA is 3.0 in the major, minor and professional sequence.

Transfer students must submit college transcripts with appropriate test score and grade information and meet the above criteria prior to enrollment in any 300-level course. They also need to sign a consent form allowing for investigation of the previous educational course work and pre-student teaching clinical experiences.

All Wisconsin Lutheran College teacher education students must complete a disclosure questionnaire prior to participating in field work and student teaching. Permission for a background check may be requested of the student. Education students must submit a general health form (including TB test) prior to student teaching.