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How does FTEA work?
Who can join FTEA?
Should I be a paid member?
Why should I join FTEA?
FTEA Meetings  

How does FTEA work?

  • FTEA is a student organization that is affiliated with a larger body of similar student organizations on other college and university campuses both in the state of Wisconsin and nation wide.
  • FTEA provides opportunities for students to learn and grow in a variety of ways.

Who can join FTEA?

  • Any WLC student who has interest in education can join!
  • It is FREE and there is NO COMMITMENT. Just come to as many events as possible.

Should I be a paid member?

It is not necessary to become a paying member of FTEA in order to attend meetings or to participate in activities; however, paying members receive many benefits!

Why? Benefits include: 

  • Paid members of FTEA are also members of the Student Wisconsin Education Association (StWEA) and the National Education Association-Student Program (NEA-SP).
  • $1,000,000 liability insurance while tutoring, observing, completing clinical, or student teaching.
  • A savings club card provides local and nationwide discounts.
  • Subscriptions to NEA Today, Tomorrow's Teachers, News and Views, Student Educator, and Instructor Magazine.
  • Professional development seminars that provide opportunities to learn from the best of the best in the education field.
  • Networking opportunities with other future educators and practicing teachers.
  • Current information on licensure (PI34) issues.
  • You can receive your membership payment back during your first year of teaching!

How do I sign up?

  • A $31 membership fee is required.
  • Membership is from September 1 to August 31 and needs to be renewed yearly unless you signed up for a multiyear membership.
  • Apply on paper: email FTEA President Elise Henrich for the document
  • Apply online via the NEA Student Enrollment Form
  • Sign up for a multiyear membership and get a WEAC rebate!

Why should I join FTEA?

Be a Servant Leader!

  • Use your time and talents to grow as an educator.
  • Show Christian love toward others in the community.

Professional Development Opportunities

  • Fall and Spring Professional Development Seminars
  • Outreach to Teach and Representative Assembly
  • State Committees
  • Networking at WLC, within the state, and potentially the nation
  • Student Wisconsin Education Association
  • National Education Association-Student Program

FTEA Meetings


  • FTEA meetings are held during the school year on various evenings during the week.
  • The times are always varied to accommodate a wide range of schedules. We know you are busy but want to make it easy for you to attend our events!

How often? 

  • At least three member meetings are held each semester.
  • FTEA also offers a wide range of activities each month that can include fundraisers, special activities, and committee meetings.

Who can come? 

  • Any Wisconsin Lutheran College student!
    • You do not have to be an education major.
    • You do not have to be a paid member.

View the complete FTEA Constitution