Choose the WLC education program.

Develop a passion for teaching and confidence in your skills. Investigate model schools to learn unique teaching methods. Travel overseas and share strategies of education with foreign educators. Explore the unique challenges of urban education. Impact the lives of preschool, elementary, middle and high school students. Be a Christian witness to your students through your example.

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If you want to make your college education a rewarding experience, choose the WLC education program.

Be prepared for your career in education.

We place strong emphasis on preparing teachers to meet the professional expectation of a fast-paced, diverse, contemporary education setting. Preparing to be an educator is an investment of time, talents, and efforts. The rewards are immeasurable in the enlightened eyes or the smiles of successful learners who represent the developmental stages of early childhood, middle childhood, early adolescence or adolescence.

Play an important role in a child's life.


Our focus is to prepare quality teachers and positive role models who are ready to face the challenges of traditional and non-traditional educational programs that require a high degree of flexibility, stamina, and resourcefulness. We emphasize the dual nature of the committed Christian teacher, one of servant and leader.

Gain meaningful experience in the field.

Students gain meaningful experience outside of the college classroom through partnerships with area schools and pre-student teaching clinicals connected to all methods courses, conducted in a variety of early childhood, elementary, middle, and secondary school settings. Students interested in urban education can participate in programs, field trips, and immersion experiences through the education department's Center for Urban Teaching.

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