Choose the WLC Digital Cinema & Media Program

Launched in 2011, the Digital Cinema & Media major at WLC is an interdisciplinary major to prepare students for careers in digital cinema and media. Students will gain skills in digital media creation, production, and distribution. Additionally, students will gain hands on experience in digital cinema creation, writing, acting and directing, pre and post production/editing, management, and distribution. The electives give students the flexibility to focus on their area of interest whether on screen or behind the camera.

Hands-on Feature Film Shooting

Our students have the opportunity to earn credit on feature films that are distributed. Our students worked on the film Journey to Paradise, which was produced in 2010 and is distributed in Family Christian Stores and other outlets worldwide. WLC student Caleb Brondos served as a gaffer and earned professional credit. See his imdb page here.

Watch the Journey to Paradise Trailer.

Hands-on Movie Studio Work

Our students have the opportunity to work on productions at Salty Earth Pictures, a non-profit motion picture and multi-media organization dedicated to using entertainment and the arts to share Christ Jesus with the world. Salty Earth owns a large movie studio in Fort Atkinson, which is about 45 minutes from the college. Click here for a comprehensive video tour of the studio (7:28), or watch the brief video tour of the studio hosted by WLC graduate Rachel (Leverance) Williams (2:30).

Hands-on Documentary Production

Our students are trained in documentary film production and have opportunities to produce material for the college and public.