Marie Steinbrenner's communication degree takes on a different language

During her sophomore year, Marie Steinbrenner, double major in communication and Spanish, heard Mrs. Beth Thompson present about an English as a Second Language (ESL) program held at Gethsemane Church, South Milwaukee.  Although Steinbrenner did not know what to expect, her introductory Spanish classes sparked a new interest for the Hispanic culture and she volunteered.

The ESL program exceeded her expectations, and she has been volunteering ever since.  For the past two and a half years, she has been dedicated to helping Spanish-speaking people learn English.  She teaches them English so that they will be able to better communicate in daily living, such as making a trip to the grocery store or doctor, things most people take for granted.

Being a tutor has allowed Steinbrenner to make friends and show her faith through her actions.  Through her internship with ESL this past semester, she created lesson plans for the women she teaches.  She has also been able to help with the literacy classes.

Like some English-speakers, there are some Spanish-speaking people who cannot read or write in their own language.  It is important that these people learn to read and write in Spanish before attempting to read and write in English.  Therefore these classes are taught completely in Spanish to help the students feel more comfortable. One of the main reasons these individuals want to learn how to read and write is so they can study the Bible.  Steinbrenner says, "It is rewarding to see these people grow in their faith and confidence."