Jamie Johnson, '03 communication
Sales representative for FirstComp Insurance in Palo Alto, California

I chose WLC because I wanted to go to a small, private school close to home.  Based on the attention I received from the Office of Admissions, I knew that the faculty and staff would provide me with the same, personal attention as a student.  I liked the idea of being able to excel as a student as well as having various opportunities to participate in clubs, organizations, athletics, and internships to develop my servant leadership skills.

I actually began as a business major, but realized that I liked the "people side" of business and chose to major in communications instead and take a number of business courses as electives.

In September of 2005, I moved to Palo Alto, California. I started a new job as a sales representative for FirstComp Insurance. FirstComp is a mono-line worker's compensation company based out of Omaha, Nebraska.  I work out of my home, and my responsibilities include serving as the local contact for over 100 agencies in the Bay Area.  I visit with them to build our relationships and to educate them about our program.

The WLC communication program gave me confidence to engage in effective interactions with others.  Each day, I run meetings and presentations in front of groups of people.  I continue to put to use the concepts I learned from listening, interpersonal communication, gender communication, intercultural communication, small group communication, persuasive communication, nonverbal communication and speech communication.

The communication program is a fun and interesting major that can help outgoing people become effective communicators and timid people gain confidence to engage in effective interactions.  There is so much more to communication than public speaking. It is the foundation for success in all business and personal relationships.  This is a major that can help one be successful in not only his or her career but in his or her life!