Sarah Dahlke, '04 communication
Education specialist for ProHealth Care - Waukesha and Oconomowoc Memorial Hospitals in Milwaukee

I chose WLC for several reasons - the main reason was because of the feeling I got when I first set foot on campus - everyone genuinely cared for each other. This was nothing but true in my experience at WLC - from fellow students to professors to administration - everyone treated each other with a genuine respect and kindness that reflected Christian love.

When I began my freshman year at WLC, I had no idea that I would graduate with a bachelors in communication. I began taking communication classes and found that I really enjoyed them. I also held several great internships, and I knew that I was in the right major.

I am currently working for ProHealth Care - Waukesha and Oconomowoc Memorial Hospitals. I work in the Women's Center department as an "Education Specialist." I do a lot of event planning - everything from day-long women's retreats to events on women and heart disease to childbirth education classes. I also do community outreach and education. I work with a wide variety of people: patients, fellow employees, community members, physicians, nurses, etc.

WLC gave me a wonderfully well-rounded education. I feel that studying the different areas of communication - everything from intercultural to mass communication - I learned not only about other forms of communication, but it helped me to realize how I communicate and how I can continually learn new ways to better communicate. This in turn has helped me to become an efficient communicator in the workplace - a great asset.

The WLC communication program allows you to find what aspect of communication really interests you, and with a communication degree, the workplace is wide open with possibilities for you!