Joel Davis learns what it takes to be a good scientist

After a high school teacher sparked his interest in science, Joel Davis, ’08, decided to take General Chemistry his freshman year of college. Following this class, he was approached by the professor, Dr. Dan Ebeling, and asked to help with a research project: analyzing soil samples for phosphate content - an important factor in the agriculture business.

“The best part of the experience was the hands-on research,” says Davis.  Everything was done in the lab, from the experiments to running soil samples, extracting metals and analyzing data.

Since that time, Dr. Ebeling has become Davis’s advisor and mentor. 

“He gives me tools and pieces of a puzzle to help me figure things out on my own,” says Davis.  “I look at where I was second semester freshman year and where I am now and am amazed at how much I have grown. The chemistry professors don’t just teach the facts; they teach you how to be a good scientist.”