Annie DiFrances, '01 communicative arts
A member of the business development team for Johnson Controls, Inc.

I chose WLC because I wanted to receive an education that would challenge me and prepare me for the future.  I also desired to be in an environment that would positively impact my Christian life-enabling me to further grow and develop my faith.  I felt that WLC was such a place.  Looking back, I feel I was very blessed by my time at WLC.

When I came to WLC, I had a wide variety of interests including writing, graphic design and business.  The communicative arts program enabled me combine these seemingly divergent interests and develop them into a well rounded and cohesive skill set.

Currently, I work for Johnson Controls, Inc. as part of the business development team.  I work with sales, solutions, operations and executive teams to develop client-focused materials for national, regional and global new business opportunities.

My job entails project management, marketing, writing, communication and graphics skills.  Sometimes my work is very complex and has included regional and global efforts involving multiple translations, alliance partner collaboration and intensive research.

WLC's communicative arts program gave me the freedom to incorporate a wide variety of courses, including human resources, law, marketing, advertising, writing, public speaking, business ethics, communication, accounting, public relations, graphic design and economics, into a tailored program. 

Take advantage of the opportunity and flexibility this program offers.  Enrich your academic experience with variety, and find what areas truly interest you.  Once you know what you like, explore your interests in more depth and focus on further incorporating them into your education in every way possible-through classes, projects and internships. Making the most of your education will increase not only your knowledge and skills, but it will create opportunities and open doors.