Peter Eppen
Assistant Professor of Business Administration


  • B.S., University of Iowa, Clinical Psychology
    Minors in Business and Art
  • M.B.A., University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
    Marketing and International Marketing;
    Emphasis in Business Law


Professor Eppen has worked as a senior executive for some of the US's largest consumer (Scott Paper/Johnson Diversey), chemical (Solutia) and pharmaceutical (Ross/Abbott Labs) companies for over 23 years. He held senior positions in various disciplines including: marketing, sales, general management of multi-billion dollar divisions, strategic planning, new business development, specialty manufacturing and mergers & acquisitions. In addition, he launched a successful consulting business that focused on bringing new technologies to market.

Professor Eppen's corporate experience has been largely focused on international markets. He has lived for extended periods as an expatriate in both Europe (Brussels, Belgium) and Asia (Seoul, South Korea) and has conducted business in over 36 countries around the world including the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Current Courses

BUS 402 Special Topics Advanced Marketing: Advanced Marketing theory and its application. Specific topics include: performing preliminary and ongoing required analyses, using the stage gate process of new product development and rolling out new products into the market. Students to gain a working knowledge of the information, project management skills and stage gates required to successfully launch new products into the market, including: research, competitive positioning, risk/investment analyses, regulatory and IP issues, production alternatives, label development (branding, positioning, claims), legal hurdles and sales roll out planning.

BUS 347 Consumer Behavior: Introductory theory of how and why consumers buy. The course will look at both psychological and sociological issues and how company’s position products to consumers and how consumers react to all of the variables just sited. Students to gain a working knowledge of: why and how consumers buy. This course will also help students improve their analytical, communication, and writing skills.

BUS 343 Advertizing: Advanced theory and application of Advertizing and Promotional subject matter: Integrated Marketing Communications; Consumer Behavior; Agencies; Creative Strategies; Broadcast and Print Media; Promotion and PR/Publicity.

BUS 342 Marketing Research: Intermediate theory of Marketing research strategy and tactics primarily focused on new product launches, test markets and product/brand positioning. Use of M.R. tools including qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, different forms of survey vehicles and investment, ROI and planning analyses.

BUS 301 Business Ethics: Intermediate theory of business ethics in the secular world and a comparison on how this notion of "ethics" compares to our Christian beliefs and teachings. Students to gain a working knowledge of: Secular view of ethics in the work place, expectations and attitudes that are prevalent in today’s business environment, how to successfully defend our Christian faith in a secular world that does not share our values or reward systems.

BUS 250 Principles of Management: Introductory theory of corporate: management, managerial functions, departmentalization, staffing, direction, planning, and control. Students to gain a working knowledge of: management roles and functions with an emphasis on Christian leadership. This course will also help students improve their analytical, communication, and writing skills.

BUS 240 Principles Marketing: Introductory theory and application of marketing subjects: branding, positioning and planning functions and procedures as they apply to bringing new products to market. This class is the foundation requirement for upper level marketing courses.

Research Interests

Corporate organizational structures and compensation as they apply to employee motivation and performance. Issues regarding training, social recognition, compensation composition, promotion and job security.


  • Professor Eppen is very active in: rescuing dogs, reading, cooking, landscapping & golf.
  • Professor Eppen also coaches the JV baseball team at Shoreland Lutheran High School.