Business Administration Course Descriptions

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BUS 150 Introduction to Business. 3 cr.
An overview of business functions and the role of business in contemporary society. Designed for students thinking about studying business or those who would like a general overview of business.
BUS 181 Principles of Microeconomics. 3 cr.
Principles of microeconomics and theories with emphasis on economic analysis and special application to managerial economics. (BUS majors/minors must get a C or better.)
BUS 182 Principles of Macroeconomics. 3 cr.
Basic economic principles and theories with emphasis on macroeconomics and special application to the American economic system and its problems. (BUS majors/minors must get a C or better.) Prereq: BUS 181.
BUS 210 Financial Accounting. 3 cr.
The fundamental techniques of analyzing, recording, summarizing, and reporting the financial effects of business transactions. Examines generally accepted accounting principles and concepts/procedures of financial accounting essential to the preparation, understanding, and interpretation of accounting information. Prereq: Sophomore standing.
BUS 220 Introduction to Finance and Investments. 3 cr.
Introduction to the theory of finance and investments. Study focuses on developing the analytical tools necessary for the study of investments and corporate finance including asset valuation models, probability, and statistical methods as they apply to finance. Prereq: BUS 182, BUS 210 MAT 117 (or MAT 351 and MAT 352). Students are strongly encouraged to take MAT 210 (MAT 221) before or concurrently with this class.
BUS 231 Managerial Accounting. 3 cr.
Explores the planning, decision-making, and control of business operations using managerial accounting information. Prereq: BUS 210.
BUS 240 Principles of Marketing. 3 cr.
Analysis of institutions, functions, and problems in marketing; planning and procedures related to the distribution of goods; costs, price determination, and trends.
BUS 250 Principles of Management. 3 cr.
Theory of management, managerial functions, departmentalization, staffing, direction, planning, and control.
BUS 301 Business Ethics. 3 cr.
This course will focus on the interaction of ethics and business. The emphasis will be on developing Christian business leaders. Students will explore moral and ethical problems confronting business in the context of political, social, and ecological environments. Topics will include ethical issues in the free market economic system, the social responsibility of business, compensation issues, and international trade.
BUS 302 Special Topics I. 3 cr.
An in-depth study and discussion of a specific business topic. May be repeated with change of topic.
BUS 303 Business Law. 3 cr.
Contracts, bankruptcy, agency, employment law, and administrative law. Prereq: BUS 250.
BUS 320 Intermediate Investments. 3 cr.
Development and management of investment portfolios for personal and institutional investors; asset allocation; security selection; valuation models; characteristics of markets; pricing anomalies; hedging strategies; and market timing. Prereq: BUS 220 and MAT 210 (or MAT 221).
BUS 322 Intermediate Finance. 3 cr.
Development of the theory, method, and analytical techniques of financial management. Techniques of capital budgeting, valuation of projects and firms, theory of capital structure, dividend policy, cost of capital, and mergers and acquisitions. Prereq: BUS 220 and MAT 210 (or MAT 221).
BUS 325 Financial Markets and Institutions. 3 cr.
An analysis of the US and foreign financial systems. Prereq: BUS 220 and MAT 210 (or MAT 221).
BUS 326 Money and Banking. 3 cr.
Depository institutions, central banking and money creation, price-level analysis, interest level determination, interest rate theory, money and capital markets. Prereq: BUS 220 and MAT 210 (or MAT 221).
BUS 332 Intermediate Accounting I. 3 cr.
Examines, in a more in-depth way than introductory accounting, financial accounting theory and techniques used to report financial information to investors, creditors, and other external users. Prereq: BUS 210.
BUS 333 Intermediate Accounting II. 3 cr.
A continuation of BUS 332 designed for students to refine financial reporting techniques and an understanding of financial accounting theory. Prereq: BUS 332.
BUS 334 Auditing. 3 cr.
Study of audit issues including the role of the auditor and the process of auditing. Prereq: BUS 210.
BUS 336 Income Taxation. 3 cr.
An introduction to U.S. income taxation concepts. Includes coverage of topics related to preparing individual, corporate, and partnership income tax returns. Prereq: BUS 210.
BUS 342 Marketing Research. 3 cr.
Study of the research process as an aid to decision making. Emphasis on the planning of research and the gathering, analysis, and interpretation of information. Prereq: BUS 240 and MAT 117 or concurrent registration.
BUS 343 Advertising. 3 cr.
Study of advertising as a tool in the marketing process: advertising media, methods, campaigns, cost analysis, and consumer habits and psychology will be explored. Prereq: BUS 240.
BUS 347 Consumer Behavior. 3 cr.
Application of behavioral science principles to the consumer decision-making process. Prereq: BUS 240.
BUS 350 Human Resources Management. 3 cr.
Principles, policies and practices applicable to personnel problems in dealing with staffing, training, wages, labor relations and communications. Prereq: BUS 250.
BUS 352 Organizational Behavior. 3 cr.
Human behavior and Christian ethics in the world of work: power, authority, rules, status, norms, leadership, communication, motivation, group processes, and conflict resolution. Prereq: BUS 250.
BUS 359 Small Business Management. 3 cr.
This course will focus on the creation, development, operation, and sale of a business entity. We will examine the skills, character, and traits of entrepreneurs. The course will also look at the economic impact that small business has on the economy. From this standpoint, we will study risk, uncertainty, transaction costs, and the importance of relevant information in the successful operation of a business. Prereq: BUS 210, BUS 240, BUS 250.
BUS 371 Cross Cultural Management. 3 cr.
A study of the concepts, problems, processes and practice of managing across borders and cultures. Prereq: BUS 250.
BUS 372 Global Marketing. 3 cr.
A study of the structure, techniques, problems and general environment of marketing abroad. Topics include advertising, distribution, strategy and legal aspects. Prereq: BUS 240.
BUS 380 History of Economic Thought. 3 cr.
This course will examine alternative theories adopted and advocated throughout history, their merits and their failings, along with the way they were employed to bring us to the present. Topics will include the theories of value, wages, profit, rent, money, and the role of government and the individual. Prereq: BUS 182.
BUS 381 Managerial Economics. 3 cr.
Application of price theory and economic theory of the firm to business management decisions. Use of microeconomics and macroeconomics in forecasting for business policy. Prereq: BUS 182, MAT 117 (or MAT 351 and 352), and MAT 210 (or MAT 221).
BUS 386 International Economics. 3 cr.
An analytical approach to assessing and understanding current impacts that international economics have on the United States. Emphasis is on gains from trade, economic growth, exchange rates, price formation, trade policy, and political considerations. Prereq: BUS 182.
BUS 402 Special Topics in Business. 1-3 cr.
An intensive study and discussion of selected topics in business economics. May be repeated. Possible topics include transnational strategic management, international managerial finance, international business law, managing in turbulent environments. Prereq: consent of instructor.
BUS 420 International Finance. 3 cr.
The focus of this course is on exchange rate determination and applications of financial theory to the operations of multinational firms. Topics also include international portfolio and direct investment, capital budgeting, international taxation of business, and an analysis of international market and financial institutions. Prereq: BUS 220.
BUS 433 Advanced Accounting. 3 cr.
Theoretical, procedural, and practical issues associated with financial reporting. Topics include alternative reporting entities, accounting for mergers and acquisitions, consolidations, foreign operations, and complex financial instruments. Prereq: BUS 333.
BUS 480 Research Seminar. 3 cr.
A capstone course culminating in a scholarly research article prepared by the student and presented. Research methods are reinforced and topics are discussed in class. Prereq: senior standing and consent of instructor.
BUS 490 Internship. 1-3 cr.
Prereq: junior standing.
BUS 199-499 Independent Study. 1-3 cr.
Prereq: consent of instructor.