Katie Werblow, business administration '00
Financial planning specialist for Northwestern Mutual in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

WLC offers a small school environment where a student's overall education is the focus. With the small classes, I received personal attention from the professors and became very involved with class projects. I also wanted to participate in athletics and enjoyed playing basketball for two years. Lastly, I saw an opportunity to get involved in student activities and other student issues that could make a lasting difference for the college while helping me develop personally.
I chose to be a business major because I felt it would give me practical experience to help me get a job. I have always been career focused, so a business major gave the ability to learn the functions of running a business.
I currently work for the home office of Northwestern Mutual as a financial planning specialist. I assist financial representatives across the country with financial planning issues and assist them with creating plans they can deliver to their clients.
Each of my classes, such as marketing and economics, gave me an overview of subjects, but what prepared me the most for my current career is the process of getting a college degree. The process of taking the appropriate classes for the degree, the deadlines and group projects is the real learning process. I have found that anyone can learn an industry or a job on the job, but if I didn't develop a good work ethic or how to start a project and finish it, I wouldn't be where I am today.
WLC's business program gives you a great overview of the business world, but realize that the process of going to class each day and doing the work is only that start. Sometimes you will feel overwhelmed, especially at the end of the semester when you have three group projects due and four tests all in one week, but this is the process towards greatness. Each day in your college career will allow you to learn and grow into the person God wants you to be - take advantage of it!