Internship turns into a new career for Weinrich

Jason Weinrich photoFor Jason Weinrich, business economics '06 and WLC Impact Award recipient, what started as an internship became a new career. During his junior year, he began his internship with Direct Supply, a long-term healthcare supply company. A little more than a year later, Weinrich was offered a full-time position with the company.

As an intern, he backed up a team of six people in the durable medical equipment group. He was given the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field, making customer calls and working with suppliers.

"If you do a good job as an intern for a company, it makes them want to hire you," says Weinrich, who accepted his new position the February before his commencement. "I didn't even have to ask for the job, my employer offered it to me. This has been a great opportunity to grow with the company."

Weinrich didn't always know he wanted to go into business. He started out as a biology major, but felt out of place in the field. "I looked into several majors," he explains. "It turned out that I really like business." At first Weinrich was nervous about his choice because he knew that business was a challenging major, but he quickly rose to the challenge. "Although the lower level classes helped me, I felt the upper level classes, the classes I was worried about, were by far the best classes I took."

He may have just started full-time at his company, but Weinrich already feels as though he has been able to make a contribution. "WLC equipped me to make a difference in the company right away," says Weinrich.

One of Weinrich's most valuable memories is building relationships with his professors, and he encourages all new students to do the same. "That is the kind of thing I will remember most. They are people who cared about my education."