Schedler makes his hoop dreams come true

As a freshman, Joshua Schedler, business economics '06, knew he wanted to work in the NBA. It happens that Milwaukee, home of WLC, is also home to an NBA team - the Milwaukee Bucks.

Schedler decided that he couldn't wait until graduation to make this dream a reality. After seeing a flyer advertising jobs with the Bucks in WLC's Career Development Office, he traveled downtown to the Bucks' offices at the Bradley Center and applied for a job. A dream come true, Schedler was hired to be part of the Bucks' Hoop Troop.

The Hoop Troop is an interactive team of 10 that gets the crowd "pumped up" during a game. They are involved in all of the timeouts, quarter breaks and half time shows. Hoop Troop members also greet fans at the doors, make balloon animals for kids, give away pizzas and do T-shirt tosses during the games.

Bradley Center PhotoSoon, his communication and managerial skills were noticed, and Schedler, then a junior, was promoted to Hoop Troop manager. "I couldn't have asked for a better job," says Schedler. "Not only was I attending professional basketball games and sitting courtside, I was able to work on my leadership and communication skills."

During his senior year, still the Hoop Troop manager, Schedler was promoted again to mascot assistant and reported to the Bucks' mascot coordinator. In this position, he still performed his previous duties, but he also was involved in skit and commercial production and outside appearances with Bango - the Bucks' mascot. At one appearance, Schelder had the opportunity to read to more than 1,000 children as part of the NBA's "Read to Achieve" program.

Always looking for more opportunities to entertain fans, Schedler and his team came up with a new routine to perform during breaks. They call their group the "Dunk Team," and performed a choreographed sequence of dunks.

This amazing experience only solidified Schedler's NBA dream. He hopes to one day work full-time in game operations. "I feel that my degree is solid and I can go in any direction with it - including game management and operations."