Choose the WLC business administration program.

Be prepared for exciting careers in economics, management, marketing, and finance.

Connect with alumni in Fortune 500 companies including Wells Fargo, Roundy's Corp, U.S. Bank, Johnson Controls, Inc., and Northwestern Mutual.

Join WLC alumni as investment consultants, marketing managers, vice presidents, and entrepreneurs.

Combine Christian ethics with business savvy and use your gifts to their full potential in the workplace or in graduate school.

Choose the WLC business administration program and really gain.

BEC Collage

Gain a solid understanding of business administration and how it interconnects with your faith.

The Department of Business Administration offers a major/minor program nested within the liberal arts and firmly founded in Christ. Students develop a solid understanding of their discipline while appreciating the interconnection between their faith and their science.

Study the method and application of business administration, and learn to be an excellent manager of God's gifts to you.

Economics is the study of a method while business is the application of that method. The method of inquiry is one which will assist in rational decision making. The origins of the science stem from the GreekĀ  word "oikonomokis," which referred to the skillful management of a house's resources and implementation of its rules. That is what business administration studies: how we can best be managers of the gifts God has entrusted us.

Develop skills that you will draw from throughout your career.

Skills learned in the program will be used throughout the student's entire career, and life. As part of the liberal arts, business administration students will develop the analytical and critical thinking skills needed to be effective Christian leaders, while assuring themselves of developing a diverse set of talents.

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