Biological Anthropology Course Descriptions

Anthropology/Sociology Course Offering Schedule

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ANT 181 Introduction to Anthropology. 3 cr.
This course is a general overview of the four subfields of anthropology: physical, linguistic, cultural, and archeological. Human origins, the culture-language relationship, and past cultures will be considered from a Christian perspective.
ANT 201 Cultural Anthropology. 3 cr.
A course which surveys the development and nature of cultural systems. It examines the social patterns, processes, and variations related to culture. The comparative study of cultures world-wide includes analysis of language, art, family life, religion, economic and political areas.
ANT 202 Principles of Physical Anthropology. 3 cr.
This course is designed to introduce students to the history of thought and the research fundamentals of physical anthropology. Human skeletal and modern biological evidences will be discussed; particular emphasis will be given to the methods and techniques of analysis.
ANT 203 Introduction to Archaeology. 3 cr.
This course introduces students to the history of archaeology. It covers general archaeological method and theory and provides overviews of archeological investigations in North America.
ANT 301 Peoples and Cultures of Selected World Areas. 3 cr.
A comparative, descriptive, and analytic study of a major cultural area of the world. Areas may be selected from: South & Central America, the Pacific, the Caribbean, Sub-Sahara Africa, Southeast Asia, or the Middle East. A student may repeat the course provided a different area is being covered. Prereq: ANT 201.
ANT 303 Death and Archaeology. 3 cr.
This course introduces students to mortuary rituals and the methods of mortuary archaeologists. Topics will include: applications for human osteology, forensic analyses, bioarchaeology, and mortuary ritual. Prereq: sophomore standing.
ANT 320 Globalization. 3 cr.
This course examines the definition, trends, and impact of globalization as they relate to culture. Issues such as world debt, global pressures on the environment, the role of multinational corporations, the difference between rich and poor nations, and the rapid transfer of technologies and information around the world are discussed and debated. Prereq: sophomore standing.
ANT 350 Primatology. 3 cr.
This course introduces students to a specialty within physical anthropology. A general overview will be made of the biological species comprising the Order Primates. Topics will include: biological development and growth, social organization, current research and ecology. Prereq: sophomore standing.
ANT 490 Internship. 1-3 cr.
By arrangement with department.
ANT 493 Practicum in Anthropology. 3 cr.
A practicum in anthropology may be conducted within a variety of field and work-site environments. For students currently enrolled in anthropological coursework at WLC, practicum placements would be built upon specific areas of interest and academic success. Potential sites would include: offices of cultural resource management, local law enforment agencies, offices of medical examiners, archaeological contract companies, and primate conservation organizations. Maximum of three credits can be applied to major. Prereq: 9 credits in ANT courses and junior standing.
ANT 495 Senior Thesis and Seminar in Anthropology. 3 cr.
This course is designed specifically for students who have declared their major to be biological anthropology. Enrollees will participate in academic and professional experience within the research area that is of academic and career interest. The final project for this semester-long course will be a student thesis and defense. Prereq: declared ANT major and senior academic standing.
ANT x91 Special Topics in Anthropology. 1-3 cr.
An intensive study and discussion of selected topics in anthropology. Possible topics include archaeology and death, cultural ecology, historical archaeology, primates, and ethnographic research. May be repeated with change of topic. Prereq: varies with topics.