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Philosophy minors are invited to join in the Great Conversation. For centuries, thoughtful people have been asking questions about goodness and God, immortality and the soul, what we can know and how we know it, how to make sense of the world, and more. Philosophy classes provide an opportunity for students to participate in these ancient contemporary discussions, strengthening their ability to engage in creative, critical, and disciplined thinking.

  • Diverse philosophy courses have been crafted to help students to become even more interested human beings, no matter what vocation or graduate program they follow after college. A minor in philosophy is highly recommended as preparation for law, theology, business, management, medicine, journalism, or other careers that require the ability to think in a creative and disciplined manner about questions that are new or whose method of solution is debated.

    What Makes the Program Distinctive?

    WLC offers a philosophy minor and diverse courses that are open to all thoughtful students. Students work diligently to be CHRIST-o-centric, biblical, and confessional. A student of philosophy at Wisconsin Lutheran College is practicing philosophy with a strong apologetic purpose.

    Learn more about course offerings and requirements for this minor: