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Health Care Management and Leadership

Our Health Care Management and Leadership major provides you an opportunity to complete your Bachelor of Applied Science degree online, while gaining the skills and competencies necessary for increased earnings, greater career flexibility, opportunities for promotion, and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. The major is offered within the college's accelerated degree completion program.

  • Effective health care consists of more than medical diagnoses, treatments, and physical care. Successful hospitals, clinics, and health care organizations require a multitude of non-medical staff and business managers. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor projects healthcare management positions to record above average levels of growth through 2026 and has identified it as a “bright outlook” occupation.

    We're committed to offering you the best preparation for your future.

    Students in our Health Care Management and Leadership major learn about and apply business management and leadership skills and knowledge to health care settings. Areas of focus within the major include: organizational communication; community and public health care systems; legal, social, and ethical aspects; and healthcare planning and accountability strategies.

    Courses in the major are relevant and led by experts who personally live the lessons they teach in their own business or healthcare settings every day. An engaging and innovative curriculum provides you an opportunity to collaborate with classmates in similar stages of life, each student bringing a unique perspective and professional experience to the classroom.

    You’ll graduate with the skills and experiences necessary to step into your role as a health care professional.