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Digital Cinema and Media

This interdiscipinary major engages students as digital storytellers, providing them hands-on experience in digital cinema creation, writing, acting, directing, pre-production and post-production, editing, management, and distribution.

  • The digital cinema and media major allows students to gain skills in digital media creation, production, and distribution. The offered electives give students the flexibility to focus on their area of interest, whether on screen or behind the camera. Electives in cross disciplines allow students to hone their craft using resources not available throughout much of the Midwest.

    What Makes the Program Distinctive?

    WLC digital cinema and media majors have the opportunity to earn credit on feature films that are distributed across many markets. WLC students have worked on films such as Journey to Paradise, which was produced in 2010 and is distributed in Family Christian Stores and other outlets worldwide. WLC students have served in professional roles and earned professional credit in other works as well, including Mister Scrooge to See You, which was produced in 2013 by Salty Earth Pictures.

    The digital cinema and media major prepares students in art, business, communication, and theatre. While the major’s emphasis is on digital storytelling, students enhance their abilities through collaboration across related fields, often participating in projects outside of the classroom with students in different majors.


    Salty Earth Pictures

    Salty Earth Pictures is a nonprofit motion picture and multimedia organization dedicated to using entertainment and the arts to share Jesus Christ with the world. Salty Earth owns a large movie studio in Fort Atkinson, which is about 45 minutes from the college. WLC digital cinema and media students have the opportunity to work on productions with the organization, which owns one of the largest production studios in the Midwest.

    Christian Worldview

    The digital cinema and media major at WLC reminds students of the greatest storyteller in history: Jesus Christ. Classes will prepare students to tell their stories through digital media and are also uniquely rooted in the Holy Scripture. The degree enhances an individual's ability to tell positive stories with others on both a personal and professional level. 


    Feature Film Movie Credit

    Digital cinema and media majors work on real films and earn professional credit. Better than an internship, WLC is blessed to collaborate with one of the largest studios in the Midwest. This may be a student's most valuable tool when seeking employment upon graduation. 


    A bachelor's degree in digital cinema and media from WLC may lead to a successful career in a wide range of fields including writing, directing, editing, and distribution. WLC digital cinema and media alumni have started their own businesses, written musical scores, worked with missionary organizations, and collaborated on multi-language/multimedia projects.

    With the skills learned at WLC, digital cinema and media alumni are prepared to make a positive difference in their community through digital storytelling. Alumni will have the experience and instilled values needed to create the next generation of positive films.


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