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Computer Science Advising Information

Computer Science Major Entrance Requirements: The student must complete one year of full-time study (24 credits minimum) or 32 credits as a part-time student.

Courses and Requirements (pdf)

Course Offering Schedule (pdf)

  • The Computer Science Curriculum

    The curriculum is divided into a 19-credit core curriculum and a group of electives. All students majoring or minoring in computer science must take all the courses in the core curriculum plus an appropriate number of elective courses.

    Core Curriculum

    • Introduction to Programming
    • Data Structures
    • Object Oriented Design and Software Development
    • Computer Organization and Assembly Language
    • Database Systems
    • Data Communication


    • Internet Programming
    • Programming Languages
    • Operating Systems
    • Computer Graphics
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Numerical Analysis (Mathematics or Physics)
    • Operations Research (Mathematics)
    • Computerized-Instrumentation Design (Physics)
    • Special Topics (based on student interest and staff availability)

    The Major

    A major in computer science consists of at least 45 credits composed of the 19-credit core curriculum, at least 12 credits of computer science electives, a 3-credit senior capstone experience and 11 credits of collateral courses from the mathematics department (Statistics, Calculus I, and Discrete Mathematics).

    The Minor

    A minor in computer science consists of the 19-credit core curriculum, at least 3 credits of computer science electives, and 8 collateral credits in mathematics (Calculus I and Discrete Mathematics).